Turquoise Mantra Bracelet
Turquoise Mantra Bracelet
Turquoise Mantra Bracelet
Turquoise Mantra Bracelet
Turquoise Mantra Bracelet

Turquoise Mantra Bracelet

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Introducing the Turquoise Mantra Bracelet, a stunning piece that combines elegance with spiritual significance. This beautiful bracelet features turquoise beads, known for its powerful protective and healing properties. 

The intricate mantra adds a touch of mystique, making it a perfect accessory for those seeking inner peace and balance. Embrace the beauty and tranquility this exquisite bracelet brings to your daily life.


  • All materials are ethically sourced.
  • Made of high quality silver and gold plated copper and highly durable drop oil.
  • The bracelet's length is 20 cm or about 7.9 in.
  • The cylindrical mantra pendant will spin effortlessly with a gentle touch.
  • Features in stunning silver with a turquoise cham.


Q: What is the bracelet made out of?
A:  Turquoise Mantra Bracelet is made of high quality silver plated copper and highly durable drop oil.

Q: Can this be worn at all times?
A: Yes! You'll need to take proper precautions. To make your jewelry last longer, we suggest the following:
- Wash your hands before and after wearing because the oils on your body can tarnish the jewelry.
- Don't store your jewelry on top of each other or in a pile to prevent unnecessary friction.
- Avoid perfumes and lotion in the area of the jewelry.
- Take it off before any exposure to water.